Graduate Student Funding and Support

I.  Funds administered through the The Plant Breeding Consortium at NC State University are provided from both private industry and public sources for graduate training of plant breeding students:

  • The Monsanto Company provides funds for fellowships administered locally to NC State students and for professional development training of students from several U.S. universities.
  • Pioneer Hi-Bred International provides funds for fellowships administered locally to NC State students and for fellowships provided through national competition.
  • Cotton Incorporated provides fellowships through regional (Southern Region) competition.
  • Some of the private industry sources require funding of “matching” fellowships which are provided by the USDA Agricultural Research Service and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Agricultural Research Service.

II.  Funds also are available for graduate study in plant breeding from individual faculty members. There are a number of sources for these funds including competitive grants from public sources, small grants from commodity groups and associations, and small grants from private breeding companies.

III.  Plant breeding fellowships for both M.S. and Ph.D. candidates are available for study in the Crops Science, Horticultural Science, Plant Pathology, and Forestry and Environmental Resources Departments. These fellowships pay a 12-month stipend, tuition, fees, and health benefits. In addition, there may be opportunities to participate in internship or guest scholar programs with major breeding companies.

  • Half-time research assistantships are also available for M.S. and Ph.D students in the departments listed above.

IV.  Applications for admission into plant breeding graduate training can be made through the following contacts:

Applications for students seeking funds administrated by the The NC State Plant Breeding Consortium will also be directed to the Director, Dr. Charles Stuber (