Faculty with Plant Breeding Responsibilities

Faculty are listed by College and by Department.

Breeder Focus College Dept. Role
Brown-Guedira, Gina (USDA-ARS) Small grain genotyping laboratory, small grain germplasm introgression and breeding for disease resistance CALS CSS Core
Carter, Tommy (USDA-ARS) Broadening soybean genetic diversity, breeding focusing on drought tolerance and development of soyfoods CALS CSS Core
Dewey, Ralph DNA-based markers for identification and characterization of genes: soybean – seed storage, oil biosynthesis; tobacco – reduction of carcinogenic alkaloid compounds  CALS CSS Supporting
Dunne, Jeff Cultivar development; molecular breeding & genomics; analytics & bioinformatics CALS CSS Core
Goodman, Major Broadening maize genetic diversity, incorporation of exotic germplasm into corn inbred lines CALS CSS Core
Haigler, Candace Functional genomics of cotton fiber development and cellulose synthesis in various fiber and biomass crops  CALS CSS Supporting
Holland, James (USDA-ARS) Maize – nature of genetic variation, gene mapping, genetic basis of resistance to ear rot fungi (Fusarium), “phenomics” CALS CSS Core
Hulse-Kemp, Amanda Breeder tool development through genomics and bioinformatics CALS CSS Core
Krakowsky, Matt (USDA-ARS) Maize – Southeast Germplasm Enhancement of Maize (GEM) project coordinator, evaluating exotic maize germplasm and broadening genetic diversity in US maize hybrids.  CALS CSS Core
Kuraparthy, Vasu cotton breeding and genetics and polyploid translational genomics CALS CSS Core
Lewis, Ramsey Tobacco breeding, molecular markers and transgenic approaches, focusing on disease resistance and reduction of carcinogens CALS CSS Core
Livingston, David (USDA-ARS) Studies on freezing tolerance mechanisms in winter cereals CALS CSS Supporting
Mian, Rouf (USDA-ARS) Improvement of soybean seed composition traits CALS CSS Core
Milla-Lewis, Susana Turfgrass breeding and genetics. Develop warm and cool-season grasses CALS CSS Core
Murphy, Paul Cultivar development of wheat, oat, and triticale, focusing on disease and insect resistance and end-use quality CALS CSS Core
Qu, Rongda Turfgrass improvement using genetic transformation, focusing on drought resistance, higher biofuel production in switchgrass CALS CSS Supporting
Rufty, Thomas Physiological and genetic factors controlling plant reponses CALS CSS Supporting
Stalker, Thomas Peanut germplasm collections, incorporation of agronomically important genes using interspecific hybridization CALS CSS Core
Balint-Kurti, Peter (USDA-ARS) Maize – fungal resistance sources for gray leaf spot and SCLB, mode of action of quantitative resistance genes CALS EPP Core
Brandenburg, Rick Pest management of peanut and turfgrasses, applied insect ecology CALS EPP Supporting
Carbone, Ignazio Molecular population genetics and genomics of fungi CALS EPP Supporting
Cowger, Christina (USDA-ARS) Biology, epidemiology, and population genetics of small grain pathogens, major focus on powdery mildew of wheat CALS EPP Supporting
Davis, Eric Plant resistance to nematodes CALS EPP Supporting
Gould, Fred Pest management, strategies for developing genetic engineered crops with pest resistance CALS EPP Supporting
Kennedy, George Plant insect interactions, epidemiology of thrips in tomato CALS EPP Supporting
Marshall, David (USDA-ARS) Breeding and genetics of small grain crops, introgression of disease resistance from wild species to adapted CALS EPP Core
Opperman, Charles Cellular and genetic basis of nematode parasitism, development of nematode resistant transgenic plants CALS EPP Supporting
Ristaino, Jean Population genetics of late blight of potato and tomato CALS EPP Supporting
Shew, Barbara Plant disease epidemiology and pathogen biology in peanuts CALS EPP Supporting
Ashrafi, Hamid Genetics, genomics, and breeding of blueberry. CALS HS Core
Clough, Mark Potato genetics and genomics CALS HS Core
Fernandez, Gina Small fruit crop breeding – blackberries and raspberries CALS HS Core
Iorizzo, Massimo Genetics, genomics, germplasm improvement and breeding of small fruits (strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, etc.) and vegetable crops.  CALS HS Core
Kornegay, Julia Breeding of annuals and herbaceous perennials for cut flowers. CALS HS Supporting
Panthee, Dilip Breeding and development of tomato lines and cultivars CALS HS Core
Pecota, Kenneth Sweet potato breeding and genetics CALS HS Core
Ranney, Thomas Ornamental breeding, development of new nursery crops CALS HS Core
Spencer, Jessica Genetics, genomics, and breeding of blueberry. CALS HS Core
Wehner, Todd Cucurbit breeding and genetics – cucumber, cantaloupe, watermelon, and luffa gourd CALS HS Core
Yencho, G. Craig Potato and sweet potato breeding and genetics, application of genomics CALS HS Core
Brown, Dennis Virus structure and assembly using electron cryo-microscopy, insect response to alphavirus infection CALS MSB Supporting
Alonso, Jose Ethylene signal transduction in Arabidopsis, characterization of Arabidopsis genome CALS PMB Supporting
Franks, Robert Arabidopsis flower development; transcriptional regulation, gene regulatory networks, molecular genetics CALS PMB Supporting
Thompson, William Molecular and cell biology of plant gene regulation, plant transgenic technologies and genetic engineering CALS PMB Supporting
Sederoff, Heike Redirecting carbon metabolism to increase yield CALS PMB Supporting
Lommel, Steven Associate Dean for Research, plant viral mechanisms CALS ADMIN Supporting
Stuber, Charles Director of NC State Plant Breeding Consortium, formerly research in quantitative genetics and DNA-based marker-assisted selection CALS ADMIN Supporting
Cook, Rahcel Co-Director of the Forest Productivity Cooperative CNR FOR Core
Forrester, Jody CNR FOR Core
Frampton, John Christmas tree breeding and genetics, genetic conservation of Fraser fir CNR FOR Core
Gower, Tom Department Head, forest ecosystems CNR FOR Supporting
Hodge, Gary Quantitative genetics, Camcore, breeding of tropical and subtropical tree species, genetics of wood quality CNR FOR Core
Jetton, Robert Gene Conservation and Forest entomology/pathology CNR FOR Core
Isik, Fikret Cooperative tree improvement program, quantitative genetics of loblolly pine CNR FOR Core
McKeand, Steven Co-Director of Cooperative Tree Improvement Program, forest genetics CNR FOR Core
Potter, Kevin Conservation Genetics, Landscape Ecology, Forest Health, Landscape Genetics, Biodiversity, Evolutionary Ecology CNR FOR Core
Whetten, Ross Marker-assisted breeding in forest trees, genetic data analysis CNR FOR Core
Nielsen, Dahlia Satistical and population genetics, bioinformatics CS BIOS Supporting
Arellano, Consuelo Statistical consulting CS STAT Supporting
Motsinger-Reif, Alison Computational genetics CS STAT Supporting
Thorne, Jefferey Statistical genetics and molecular evolution. CS STAT Supporting
Wright, Fred Director of Bioinformatics Research Center CS STAT Supporting
Zeng, Zhao-Bang Statistical analysis of genetic architecture of complex traits with applications in plant and animal breeding, methods to map quantitative trait loci (QTLs) CS STAT Supporting